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At Avalon RV Center, our goal of offering every customer Superior Service and Fair Pricing has made us one of the premier RV dealerships in the nation. Family owned and operated since 1968, we make buying an RV a smooth transaction with no unexpected problems, fees or hang-ups.

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Enjoy an Eco-Friendly RVing Experience with the
EverGreen Element, iGo & Ever-Lite

Here at Avalon RV, we work hard to stock high-quality, reliable RV brands. We want our customers to have the best. That's why EverGreen is one of our favorite brands. These lightweight, affordable units represent a new generation of innovative, sustainable, eco-friendly, green travel trailers and fifth wheels built like none before.

The vision of EverGreen is to use sustainable recyclable, composite materials to replace wood and produce higher quality, longer-lasting products that are fully equipped, yet lightweight. By utilizing eco-friendly composite materials, EverGreen RVs are up to 20 percent lighter yet significantly stronger and more durable than comparable RVs. View Inventory Featured EverGreens Visit GoEvergreen.com
Evergreen iGo travel trailer.